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7 Ways to Enhance High Priced Items on eBay

Just like any eBay auction, you as the seller must have a powerful listing with attention-grabbing photos. It does not matter what type of object you want to sell. If potential buyers see it well presented on eBay, the chances of a sale only increase.

1) Price


Always decide the lowest possible amount you will accept for each object and set that price as the reserve. Make your opening bid as low as possible. If you foolishly start the bid at the price of the object, there is no doubt that you will lose customers. Keep in mind that people shop on eBay because that is where they want to get items very cheap. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand this method. That is just how business is done on eBay.

2) Shipping

In order to keep everyone protected, you should insist that the potential buyer purchase shipping insurance. Try very hard not to make this a simple little option to be brushed off. You do not want to be held responsible if there is a problem getting a high-priced item to the buyer. Stop and look everything over twice if the buyer does not want insurance.

3) Item Packing

Use a significant amount of space on your auction listing that explains how you will pack your item and send it. This is of major importance because the potential buyer wants to make sure that they will receive the item in excellent condition. If you say in your listing that it will be delivered in excellent condition, then they expect it that way. A buyer who wants a high-priced item will always be thinking of the problems in case they receive a damaged item. You need to ensure that they will get the item the same way it is presented on eBay.

4) Quality

Do everything in your power to prove that your item is of the best quality, or in other words, genuine. This one aspect could mean the difference between a sale and a dead item. A few questions to ask yourself as the seller are, is the object in the original package? Is it labeled correctly? And are there any markings on the item? Be sure to take pictures of the item at all angles in and out of the package to ensure it is genuine.

5) Satisfaction Guarantee

This tip is another one of all-time importance. Be sure to give the buyer a “satisfaction guarantee” type notice. Any buyer that is bidding on a high-priced item will want to be able to send it back in the event that they are unsatisfied or if the item is defective in any way. If someone is not satisfied and sends your item back, there is a high probability that it will be broken. This step will build credibility to you as the seller and will hopefully result in more future sales.

6) International Shipping

If you are planning on shipping worldwide, you will need to take special steps to protect yourself. Many countries outside the United States are full of fraudulent buyers. Be sure that you have insurance for yourself and do some research on the area you will be shipping to. If you need help with this part, eBay will provide services to help you out.


7) Escrow Service

With a high-priced item, you should always offer the option of an escrow service. Charge the buyer the extra fee in case they want it. Even if they do not want it, keep it available as an option. As the seller, you already know the item is legitimate; however, the potential buyer is not so sure.


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