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The Most Frequent Questions that Trouble the Mind of A Potential Starter In Business

the Mind of A Potential Starter In Business


the Mind of A Potential Starter In Business

It was the day that changed the course of my life.

As we walked together on that empty road he asked me, When are you starting with your venture?



He was a close friend. I had revealed to him often how I would love to start my own online business from home and work towards financial independence.

He knew nothing about internet business. But he always heard me with attention and encouragement.

Quite a time has passed since you first mentioned. He smiled as I remembered.

Next year. Something has come up. I do not think I will be able to do this year. I replied.

What he said was never expected, If you do not have time this year and think you will have next year, you will never have the time. Things are not going to change much tomorrow than they are today. If you want to do it then do it now.

As he parted after a long discussion he gave the final blow, There will be no perfect time any day. If you postpone, it will fizzle out.

Often I receive emails of people who ask when they should start their business. I have passed through some kind of phase. I will repeat the advice my friend gave me.


Yes! Now is the right time for anything.

When we dream about a venture, knowingly or subconsciously we attach a state of perfection with that dream. It is a human habit. When the mind dreams it does with perfection.

But reality is different. You might already have prior engagements that won’t leave you with a perfect state of conditions to pursue your dreams. Shall you wait so that things become better? Well! The conditions did not improve in my case and as I see now they never become perfect.

A dream has to pass through congested reality before it could be realized.

Start now. The chaos which you face today would be present tomorrow also. These are the most frequent questions that trouble the mind of a potential starter.

# Where do I get extra time required?

Squeeze it. You do not need much of a time to work on the net. In the case of business on the net, it is pretty manageable with small editing of your time management.

# What if I do not have resources?

Well! You need to search for what you can do. Cut down dispensable expenses like movies or eating out. Borrow if you can. If you are sincere enough you will find away.

# I do not have a perfect plan.

Okay. Start with an imperfect one that you have formulated. You can modify it along the way if you need it. Start now. There is plenty to learn in the way. You cannot learn all before you start. And read this carefully. Nobody starts with a perfect plan. Things shape up as you walk the path.

Action is what separates achievers from dreamers.

It is very easy to dream. There is no cost involved, no hindrance of any kind to stop the mind. Dreaming is the first step towards any endeavor. But dream must be followed by action to realize that dream.

If it is not followed by action a dream has got no meaning. The world is full of wasted ideas and talents. Don’t let that happen to you.

Act now. Do not think tomorrow it will become better.

Tomorrow the things will be the same.

Now is the perfect time.

Now you have the right finances.


Now you have the right knowledge to start.

Catch a dream. Make a plan and “Just do it.”


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