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Absolute Best Way to Enjoy the Grand Canyon

Honestly, visiting the Grand Canyon can be a stressful experience if you go to the South Rim (with most people). Everyone is jockeying for position, and you sometimes feel like you really cannot enjoy the beauty and grandeur that is before your eyes. But there is a way to avoid all the crowds. There is much more to the Grand Canyon than the South Rim.

You can better enjoy this natural wonder of the world with a little careful planning and a desire to get to it in a different way. You can visit the North Rim, West Rim, and the Torroweap. These places are equally mesmerizing as the South Rim and much less crowded as well. They have their own attraction that makes your Grand Canyon visit worthwhile.


The North Rim features a very picturesque view of the Canyon. It is also much cooler, as it is at a higher elevation and further north. So, you won’t be sweltering in the 100-degree heat that is characteristic of the South Rim during the summer months. Additionally, a very nice evergreen forest borders the North Rim, making the various hikes very comfortable.

You can get some great accommodation options at the North Rim. From rental cabins, right at the canyon edge to a variety of campsites, it has it all. For a more private and comfortable lodging, you can even opt for the rustic hotel rooms at the large lodge of the North Rim. North Rim also features a restaurant, a bar, and a gift shop. The North Rim remains closed for the visitors from October to April and at times May for the winters.

The West Rim is even less crowded than the North Rim. There is a ranch located on the edge, known as the Grand Canyon West Ranch. It offers beautiful accommodations in cabins or even in teepees. Additionally, there are natural springs nearby and it contains a launchpad for a hot air balloon ride. The beautiful vista can be thoroughly enjoyed in this out of the way spot.

Torroweap is your place if you are ready to go that extra mile to savor the oddities of nature. It is a bumpy drive down the Arizona Strip District before you turn onto the poorly kept county road and have another hour-long bumpy drive to the edge of the canyon. This ride keeps most of the people away from the Torroweap. It is very close to the Utah-Arizona border. The peculiarity of the way to this destination keeps it deserted most of the time but the beauty and serenity of the place make it worth the effort.


Owing to its untamed terrain and less visited location, Torroweap has no fences or warning signs. The destination stands welcoming with its wide expanse. The fact that it is less visited is evident from the traces of game trails and faint signs of the other visitors that occasionally come here. The region offers some breathtaking sceneries of dramatic red cliffs and vibrant blue sky. But while you enjoy the scenery take care that you don’t drive off the road down the cliff.

The Grand Canyon is truly a sight worth seeing, and for maximum enjoyment, it should be seen without crowds. By going to the North Rim, the West Rim, or to Torroweap, you can have a truly moving experience that has nothing to do with being pushed by crowds.

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