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Are Traffic Exchanges Worth It

I am getting a lot of questions from active members in my down line that they don’t see the use of using traffic exchanges because they spent a lot of time surfing for credits.

As the word is saying traffic exchanges will deliver traffic. The more traffic exchanges you subscribe to, the more your link, banner, or even squeeze page is seen, and the more chances you have in selling your product, your services, or subscribing members.

In network marketing, there are two items very important, a product or a service and members. If you don’t recruit members in a membership program then you’ll never get a commission out of a matrix, and you’ll never sell yourself or a product.

Suppose you have your own product. Wouldn’t you like your product to be seen by as many potential customers? You can only achieve that by advertising your product. Of course, when you have money enough you can spend a lot on traditional advertising, but the question will be if your product is going to be seen by a target audience.

Traffic exchanges are used extensively by people that are operating in Internet Marketing. It is also a fact that only 3 percent succeed in this industry. If you target your product, which aims to those failing marketers, then you’ll have a great chance of succeeding in selling your product or service.

Programs that say you don’t have to recruit, you don’t have to sell are in my opinion bullshit. Excuse me for my words, but everyone wants to have attention and everyone in business relies on more than one customer or more than one product to sell.

Of course, recruiting is not relying on traffic exchanges solely, you can recruit differently, but the fact is that you’ll get your first sign-ups out of frustrated or failing marketers.

I have been taught that I have to surf for credits (as a free member) for about 20 minutes for each exchange on a daily basis. I have subscribed to about 42 traffic exchanges, so in my case, it would be 14 hours of surfing on a daily basis. However, there are tools out there that can load multiple traffic exchanges at once and reduce the time to spend on surfing. A small calculation: If I surf three traffic exchanges for 30 minutes at the time, then I am done in 7 hours of surfing and will get at least 100 credits per engine. The site you promote is going to be seen 4200 times a day on the traffic exchanges. So you’ll have 4200 chances that your product is sold, or you’ll have the chance that 4200 members are signing up. Let’s say you only gain a 1% return that is 42 members a day or 42 products sold per day. If I sell a book for $10.00 then my revenue will be $420.00 for 7 hours of surfing. $420.00 a day is almost $3000.00 a week. And I am only targeting 1% of 4200 rotations of my sale page.

In the case of members 42 members a day 294 members a week can reduce your own surfing abilities a lot. Members that sign up under you will deliver your credits, and therefore you don’t have to surf that much anymore.

The more traffic exchanges you use, the more URLs for programs you can use (FREE members are limited in displaying URLs) the more exposure you get for this.

And if you use more than one source, traffic exchange, advertising, or marketing techniques you can really earn a marvelous income.

Is 7 hours a day worth $3000.00 turnover a week? I do believe so. I think this article describes why it is necessary to use a traffic exchange.

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