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Bad Online Customer Support – Things You Should Avoid

There are many things that customers look for when it comes to online customer support. The following are some bad things done by some poor customer support service providers;

If you are unable to provide your customers with the services they are seeking in a quick and efficient manner then your service is definitely not good but poor. Customers are usually not very patient especially knowing that they have just spent some money on a certain product. So it will be very boring for a customer to wait for a long period trying to get a response from you.


If your online customer support service does not allow customers to get connected to other customers that are buying your products then your customer support service is not good at all. Allowing your customers to be connected ensures that customers interact with each other and provide some essential information that your team might not have had knowledge about. In order to do this, it would be ideal to have a blog where your customers can interact and this will certainly make your customer support service better.

If your online customer support service team has done very little research on the products that your company is selling then your customer support will be very poor. This will mean that each time customers inquire about a product you will provide very little information on it, thus making customers doubt the authenticity of your products. So a good online customer support service team will carry out research on products and know the pros and cons of all products thus providing accurate information to customers.

There are certain things that need not be said by any online customer support service personnel. For instance statements like ‘you are the first to complain about our products’, ‘if you are not satisfied please return our products’, ‘we are very busy call us later’ if your customer support team says any one of these statements then your service is very poor.

If your online customer support service does not have a provision for customer follow-ups then your service is not good. Customer follow-ups are good in that they let the customers know you are not just interested in their money, but you also care for their needs.

So if your online customer support service does any of the things that are considered bad or poor here then you definitely have the worst online customer support service.


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