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Blood Sugar Levels during Labor

Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Levels during Labor. Because of all the risks and complications associated with poor control of blood glucose levels during pregnancy, it is best to keep them in check all the time. But if there is a time during your pregnancy where it is considered more important to have your blood glucose levels under control it is when you are in labor.

If you have a very high blood glucose level while you are in labor, your baby is going to produce enough insulin to compensate for the sugar in your system. But what happens when your baby is born is he or she is no longer exposed to your high blood sugar and has an excess of insulin in their system. This will cause the baby to be hypoglycemic and can be quite dangerous for the baby.



For this reason, your baby’s blood sugar levels will be tested a few times after the birth. The test is administered immediately after the birth and when the baby is a couple of hours old. The blood is taken from the baby’s heel and is tested in the same manner as when you test your own blood with your glucose monitor.

When you go into labor, do not take any more insulin even if it is time for your next injection. When you go to the hospital be sure to bring your insulin and glucose monitor with you and advise all medical staff of your condition. Your doctor will give you more specific instructions to follow about nutrition and your blood sugar. When you pre-register at the hospital, ensure that you write down on your paperwork that you have gestational diabetes and who your care providers are. The more information you can provide the better the care you will receive when you are admitting to the hospital.

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