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Caring for Your Nails Properly: A Health Guide

Every woman wants to have healthy, beautiful, and long nails. We just want our nails to be good enough to hold on to our favorite handbag or diamond ring, but we don’t want them to cause us pain as we get older. Long nails are not good for us! So many women suffer through painful nail problems like breakages, splitting, peeling, and splitting.

Nail treatment creams and lotions come in a variety of harmful chemicals that irritate our nails. We feel a burning sensation on the tip of our fingers after applying these products to our nails. This burning sensation is caused by the chemical PPD, a paraben used in all of these products.

It is not known why all the personal care products with this chemical in them are so harmful to our nails, but most likely they do not use parabens themselves, but it can just be a coincidence. Some other chemicals in these products could be the same chemicals that cause our skin to develop cancer cells, but this article is not about that topic.

Topical lotions like the ones advertised on TV should not be applied directly to our nails because they do not dry as quickly as those sold over the counter. And they can still remain on the nails for hours or days. They have been shown to cause broken tips in some women who use them for short periods of time. Another problem is that the topcoat of this lotion will dull the appearance of the nails.

You should also avoid nail polish, nail paste, and fingernail polish too. These products are supposed to be applied sparingly. If you do apply too much, your hands will not be able to “breathe” as well as they should. Fingernail polish also causes the nails to break, so be careful when using this product.

When you go to nail salons and manicure salons, your nails are prone to breakage because the nails are cut frequently. The cuticles can be damaged with a daily manicure. You should ask your manicurist to cut the nails every other day and only cut them while they are wet. You will save yourself a lot of pain and discomfort.

If you do your nails every night, make sure you have a moisturizer with you. Use a nail moisturizer before you put your nails in. The nail moisturizer you use should not contain any alcohol or nail polish remover. You will need to be careful if you choose a petroleum jelly or other alcohol-based nail polish remover.

If you are suffering from psoriasis, varicose, or herniated disks, you need to use strong moisturizers. You can use hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda to help your nails heal faster.

Make sure your nails are dry and not too greasy before you apply any nail polish. Also, make sure you apply enough of the product that is listed on the label.

If you are having fun and enjoying the process of picking out a perfect manicure for you, then a nail conditioner may be a good idea. Make sure you use a good quality product, not one that has perfume, fragrance, or any type of alcohol in it. You can choose a product that contains glycerin or chamomile if you want to avoid the burning sensation.

A list of products for you to avoid when caring for your nails is available on my website. Keep in mind that what you are doing to your nails will not hurt as much as the effects that these toxic products can have on your nails.

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