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Choosing A Wedding Photographer: Things To Consider

Is your Wedding Formal, Semi-Formal, or Informal

Haven’t thought of it yet? Well, get going! What are you waiting for? Knowing this will give you a better indication of what to look for in a wedding photographer.


Traditional Photographers for a Formal Style

There is no law written in stone, but if you are having a formal wedding, you would probably want to hire a more traditional wedding photographer. Almost all pictures are posed for and perfect down to the last detail therefore accentuating dignity and grace. The downside to this is that those spontaneous and special moments may not be captured, because candid shots are less likely to be taken.

A Traditional and Photojournalist Balance

If you are having a semi-formal wedding you probably should look for a photographer who has a balance of both traditional and photojournalist styles. That way the photographer can capture the light-hearted moments while still creating that elegant feel with traditional classical photography. Take a good look at his portfolio. Is he equally good at both or does he lean strongly towards one or the other?

Photojournalists for an Informal Style

Are you having an informal wedding? More likely than not, you’ll have more light-hearted fun than in a formal setting. These rare moments are captured far better if you hire a wedding photojournalist because he is capturing your day as it happens. The downside is that he may catch you at an awkward not so pretty moment, and it’s more expensive. Being that you chose an informal wedding, this may not bother you as much.

Check the Photographer’s References

This cannot be stated enough. Going by a portfolio is not enough. Call up his references. You’ll be surprised at how many wedding vendors give references to clients who were not that happy with their service! Research the national Better Business Bureau. Is there a multitude of complaints? If there was one complaint, was it resolved? (Well at that point you might want to look elsewhere regardless. Why take chances.) Please ask a lot of questions.

Choose the Photography Style You Want

OK, so what was the point with all the above? These are guidelines. It is perfectly legal to hire a wedding photojournalist for a formal wedding and vice versa. If you are looking to capture more candid shots at a formal wedding you could still go with a photographer who has a mix of skills. Your photographs may give off a more semi-formal aura as a result though. Just remember to take your time.


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