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Create a Keto Diet You Can Be Proud Of

The popular diet of low carb has been called keto because its name is derived from the Greek word ketosis. It is also referred to as adaption or alternate-day fasting. In short, keto is a diet designed to replace your regular meals with some kind of protein-based fuel like fat or protein.

There are many variations of keto, which were popularized in Western countries. Most people only hear about this diet by way of a celebrity endorsement. What does it really mean, though? How does it differ from other diets?


Ketosis is a state where your body uses its fat stores and not sugar and carbs as its main source of energy. You might feel hungry or feel like you can’t find enough sustenance. This is keto at work.

With this diet, you eat foods that are high in fat and protein but little in carbohydrates. Low carb is all about putting less effort into the food you eat. You usually go on a diet for a couple of days each week, eating several small meals each day.

Your metabolism slows down drastically for a short period of time when you are on keto, which leads to rapid weight loss. A good diet for keto is simply not counting calories. This allows you to have as much as you want and take in the same amount of nutrients as your body needs.

You need to choose a good diet for keto. Here are some options:

Mediterranean Diet Low Carb is a low carb diet based on fish, grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and olive oil. Mediterranean diet means eating plenty of fish, whole grains, legumes, and fruits and vegetables. When you decide to follow this diet, remember that you are substituting carbohydrates for saturated fats and proteins. A common keto diet consists of eating lean meats, whole grains, beans, and nuts.

Adaptation Diet If you’ve been struggling with bulimia or anorexia and want to eliminate cravings, then you might be a good candidate for the adaptation diet. The adaptation diet offers you protein and fat foods to replace your regular meals. It usually consists of pastas, meat, beans, lentils, and lentils.

Alternate Day Starvation Diet The alternate day starvation diet allows you to live on very little calories throughout the day. It is a type of keto diet that allows you to eat a special type of food.

Your body will burn the fat you ate for energy instead of using the sugar in your body. The Ketogenic Diet If you are struggling with too much fat or protein, and you don’t have the energy to burn off those calories, you might try a ketogenic diet. It is a diet where you eat the diet’s exact same foods except you do not have carbs, starches, or sugars.

All of these diets have some health benefits as well. Learn which one is right for you and begin to create a diet for keto that you can be proud of.


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