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Few Simple Tips for Planting Perennials

Perennials are the perfect flowers for planting. You can find varieties of perennials that you have never thought of before in a garden center. Try to select perennials that are full of color and bloom all year round. Here are a few tips for planting perennials.

If you are planning a large bed, start by taking out all the shrubs or large shrubs from the bed. Prune back these plants until you have about two feet of space between the largest plant and the edge of the bed. The next step is to create the first level. Add soil at least one foot deep. Put some dirt on top of the soil and spread it evenly over the first level.

Now you can begin to add the plant at level one. You should be able to see how the plant will grow up the side of the container. If not, place some string mulch down around the plant to keep it down. If you have a drip line under the plant, it’s okay to use that. Use the drip line to water the plant but be sure to water only enough, so the soil stays moist.

Once you have planted the first plant, you will want to do the same thing with each plant until the whole bed has been planted. Once this is done, add a plant as soon as you can. Check at the base of the plant and use your hand to spread soil down a little and toward the soil around the plant. Then use a garden fork to dig out a base so that you can place your plant securely at the bottom of the container.

This planting method will produce plants that will grow back. For example, you can transplant a bush or an annual into a container and use it again in the future. You can also prune off dead branches and plants and use them again next year.

Picking plants at the right time of year is vital. Some people don’t realize how quickly certain plants are able to grow back once they are cut down.

For instance, if you cut a palm tree down in the fall, it will grow back fast. If you put it in a container in the spring, it will only take about two months to start growing and will be ready to transplant and replant in the fall.

Plants that thrive in the coldest regions of your state will usually flower in the winter months. Some examples of these plants are sunflowers, hydrangeas, and the star of Bethlehem.

Another way to plant perennials in your garden is to take all of the bulbs and limes from the garden and plant them in containers or pots in the ground. The flowers will continue to bloom throughout the year. Some examples of these bulbs and limes are Spanish limes, hydrangeas, and Indian limes.

After the spring, you will want to create winter garden planters. These are pots that are perfect for preserving your new seedlings. It is important to keep a cold frame for these pots so that they don’t get covered in ice.

Keep a sheet of plastic over the cold frame to keep the heat in. Be sure to never overheat your pots because if they get too hot they will break.

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