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Find out Which Websites Bring You Sales and Refer the Most Visitors

If you have a good website with excellent traffic, it is inevitable that people will try to link to you. Often, this can prove to be beneficial to your business since you get to advertise and spread the word about your website without spending anything. But, what if random websites with dubious content and non-related niches link to you just for the sake of spreading their own link or getting crawled by search engine bots when someone searches for your website? Bad, right? It gets worse if, by some mistake, a potential customer clicks on another website when looking for yours. As it is, taking the time to find out which websites refer visitors to yours and boost your sales is important. Below are several advantages you stand to gain by exerting this extra effort:

Forging connections with reliable websites

If you find a quality website linking to yours that is closely related to yours in the subject but is not a close competitor, you may want to exchange links. In other words, after you have seen how great that site is and how it can help educate people more about your products or services, you can offer the owner of that website a place on your website by means of a link. For example, if you sell diet foods online like low-fat bars and organic sauces, you might want to consider linking up with that nutrition site that has linked to your website.

Clearing up concepts without crowding your Web pages

For those in engineering services, there are some terms that a person with no knowledge of engineering may find alien or unclear. You know how it is; people are turned off by websites that they do not understand. If you find that it is necessary to explain some concepts but find it difficult to find a place on your own website, you can exchange links with an engineering organization with a glossary of terms that have linked to yours.

Giving thanks where it is due

Great websites that are linked to yours can add value to your own website especially if they are closely related to the service or product you are offering. Instead of thinking of these random links as luck and dismiss them simply as freebies you cannot help but have, give thanks where it is due. Exchange links, offer to arrange a payment system (this is especially in order if that site brought tremendous amounts of sales and traffic to your website by reviewing one of your products), or if it is an e-commerce site selling items that can be great accessories to your products, try to review and drive traffic to it.

Filtering unwanted referrers

If you pride yourself in putting up an excellent website with great content, surely you would not want totally unrelated and even discrediting sites linking up to you. If you sell music merchandise like instruments and memorabilia, it is highly discrediting to be linked to a site that allows pirated music downloads.

Enjoy these benefits and additional marketing power by joining internet marketing and affiliate networks like Click2Sell.EU. By doing these, you can control which affiliate advertise and link your websites while giving you the power to ban, edit, and manage your settings. You control your website, it’s time to take control of those who link to it.

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