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Follow These Reminders to Avoid Your Brain Injury

A brain injury is very serious and it can affect you for the rest of your life. It is very important for people of all ages to really take care of their brain. Young children can end up with damages due to falls while not being properly supervised. Older children love to engage in various types of sports including skateboarding, bike riding, and rollerblading. All of these types of sports should only be done with a properly fitting helmet worn.

Adults can suffer from brain injuries too. They can be the result of a fall, a car accident, and even events that happen on the work site. Even with safety features in place accidents can still happen in various types of businesses. Some are more high risk than others though. A brain injury can be mild but also cause a person to lose some of their basic functions. Others can be very extreme and can prevent the person from being able to take care of themselves.


Some individuals have a complete change of behavior after a brain injury. Someone that was very calm and mellow may become angry and aggressive. They may start to cuss or to say things they never would have done before. This is a very common effect of a brain injury. It can be temporary or these types of chances can be permanent. That can make it very hard to deal with a person who you once knew differently.


The severity of a brain injury needs to be assessed by a professional only. Should you come upon someone that has a possible head injury such as a motorcyclist or bicyclist, don’t remove their helmet. This should only be done once trained medical staff has arrived on the scene. The helmet may be keeping the pressure on the brain to a minimum so that there won’t be as much swelling.

Even with all the information out there in place about brain injuries, more than 1.5 million of them are reported annually. It is believed that approximately 50,000 of them could have been prevented with the right safety equipment being used. The number one cause of brain injuries is due to falls. Statistically, twice as many males as females suffer from some form of brain injury.

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