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Funny Home Made Retirement Gifts For Laughs

Home Made Is Economical

In the process of choosing what gift to give on a retiree’s special day, you may have finally decided to give him something that you think is quite special in a way that you are the one who is going to make it. You may be thinking that by making such a funny homemade retirement gift, you would be able to bring a little bit of laughter to the ideally sad retirement event and at the same time save yourself a bit of cash. You may also put the idea of homemade in a perspective of a utilitarian and consider the act itself as geared toward the greater good.


Home Made Is Personal

What is good about a retirement gift as being homemade is that it becomes more personal than anything bought off the common marketplace or online. Having to create a personal work of progress shows more value and effort put into such a retirement gift. For a recipient who values the aesthetic value as well as the sentimental value of things, he will be able to appreciate a homemade retirement gift more than those which were commercially made. Having a retirement gift as personally crafted also becomes an expression of the giver’s concern and love for the creation of the item itself. With an added concept of being laced with humor, a funny homemade retirement gift becomes an extension of the creator’s sense of humor itself.

Home Made Is Unique

For example, if the creator wishes to create a funny retirement gift such as a knitted shirt with a slogan “RETIRING to bed tonight” to be given and worn by the retiree during the retirement event would definitely catch a few chuckles from the guests, perhaps even from the boss. By doing so, not only have you advertised your sense of creativity and good nature to everyone else other than the recipient of your gift, but you also have made it known among them that you have creativity and a sense of value for uniqueness.

Home Made Is Perfect For The Home

One distinguishing idea in creating a funny homemade retirement gift is that it is lighthearted in its own value since it wishes to bring out a smile with the retiree and whoever gets to see the gift. Also bear in mind that whatever you are going to create for the retiree, it has to adhere to the notion that there wouldn’t be any issues, especially sensitive ones which will be violated because of an incorrectly placed joke or remark on the gift. A homemade retirement gift is safe to create with the idea that it would be for home use.

Home Made Is Priceless


Another good thing about a funny homemade retirement gift is that its uniqueness is its own value, which is definitely priceless. Like any work of art, any retirement gift that has been handcrafted and given to another person is similar to giving a part of the person to another as a parting gift and to be part of the new person’s life. The idea of giving a part of one’s self to another through self expression of concern, acknowledgement, and love makes not just any retirement gift but any gift priceless.

Two things to bear in mind when giving funny homemade retirement gifts: self humor and creativity.


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