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Generate Links And Gain Site Popularity

Link-building is the process of obtaining inbound links from external websites to your own site to improve both direct referrals (people visiting your site by clicking on your links) and search engine ranking. It can be very difficult to get quality inbound links so I am listing a few proven methods that you can use to build backlinks that will help you boost your sites search engine rankings.

Write an article on a topic related to your site, then submit it to free article sites. Your article can then be reprinted all over the web, always with a link back to your website.

Press releases can be a very effective tool for alerting the media to your website and getting publicity through media coverage. You may include a link to your site in the press release, there are a number of press release sites for example PRWeb dot com

You can receive a free inbound link by submitting to hundreds of free directories. Just make sure you follow their submission guidelines and then be patient as it may take several months for your site to be listed.

Why pay for directory listings if you can get them for free? Many webmasters choose to buy directory listings, for several reasons. First, your site will generally be listed much quicker (in most cases usually within 24 hours). Also, you can often get a higher quality link from a paid submission than a free submission as most of the time paid directory will higher PageRank.

Link exchanges are arguably not as helpful as they once were, but 3-way links are still excellent. For example, you own Site A and you will provide a link to Site B and Site C will provide you with an inbound link.

Join forums related to your site and become an active member of forums. Of course, you can include a link to your site in your forum signature.

Find blogs to your site and leave relevant comments on blog posting and leave a link to your site within the comment.

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