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Go for The Best when It Comes to Bike Lighting

There are several reasons why you must give bike lights your undivided attention. They save your skin by keeping you visible to those whose lights are shining in your eyes or those who are behind you. In terms of look, they add a dash of spice to what may otherwise be a nondescript-looking machine. Lastly, if the lights are fancy enough, they hike up your bike’s resale value.

You need not worry about the top-end lights available in the market. They are meant for rugged use and have a long life. What you need to ensure is that they give your bike a smart look. Here are five lights that you can consider mounting on your bike:

1. Arlen Ness Ness-Tech Eyeball Billet Headlight: You may know the Nesses more for their skill with a grinder rather than with wire snips. But the company’s stylish accessory lineup has some eye-popping lighting. The Eyeball Billet Headlight is a chrome-plated 4.5-inch unit that looks like the human eye. It is a single-beam lamp with a 55-watt HZ3 bulb and lens.

2. Baron Custom Accessories Ultimate Light Bar: Baron’s line of aftermarket accessories has a series of lighting solutions that are truly tempting. The latest light in their catalog is the Ultimate Light Bar. You can install it onto your stock front turn signal mount. It has chromed billet-driving lights and indicator lights and comes with mounting hardware and wiring. The mounting system lets you adjust the forward light projection angle.

3. Harley-Davidson Genuine Accessories Chrome Auxiliary Lighting Kit: The Auxiliary Lighting Kit is one of the very popular Harley-Davidson Genuine Accessories. It has chrome lamp housings and chrome mounting brackets to match the contour of the triple tree and highlight the headlamp. You’ll get the necessary wiring, switch, and hardware for installation inside the kit. The bulbs have to be brought separately.

4. Headwinds Super Brite H4 Lamp: Headwinds has a wide range of lights, bulbs, housings, and customized lights. The Super Brite Lamp is their latest product and quite eye-catching. This light is probably the brightest that you can legally put on your bike. The xenon gas bulb produces 50 percent more light, decreases glare, and has a clear glass lens that increases the whiteness and amount of light that hits the road. The light is interchangeable with existing SAE lamps found on Harley-Davidson and some metric cruisers.

5. Cobra USA Steel Lightbars: This is yet another top-of-the-line brand that offers spotlights, light bars, and lighting details for almost every bike. The light bars can easily be fastened to the stock triple clamps. What’s more, they look great too.

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