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Make Money With Google Ads: Here’s How

Google Ads

How to Make money with Google ads. Cyberspace giant Google created a service for businesses that can provide fast and hassle-free advertising for products and services on the Internet through cost-per-click and cost-per-impression called Google Ads. Advertisements are displayed along with search and content sites and search results done within the vast Google network. Keywords are carefully selected to determine where the ads will appear within the network, and there will a charge for every click to the ads. Merchants will specify how much they are willing to pay for every click.

Advertisers are assured of maximum audience penetration because the ads will appear at search results or occupying a space in a results page a user navigates through to get to a site directory. At present, Google garners views from about 80% of the Internet users in the U.S. alone. To add to the exposure, the advertisements are also prominently displayed In Gmail, Google’s own electronic mail service.


There is no secret that Google Ads provides not only useful service to businesses, it also enables them to save money and earn a lot of profits. The service requires payment only when the ads are looked at, whether it gets clicked or not. A merchant can monitor the performance of an ad through an online account control center provided by the service. The ads will appear shortly after the required billing information of the advertiser is submitted. A maximum payment is charged per thousand views.

But however powerful this online advertising tool is, it is still necessary that marketers create an effective Google Ads strategy to rake in the profits. In fact, a Google Ads campaign that is poorly implemented can even make advertisers lose money.

There are several benefits to knowing the operations of Google Ads inside and out. First, with the service, an immediate test is available to know the marketability of a product. Second, it is possible to produce leads. This can be done by offering free options for users so that their email addresses can be procured. Third, it is possible to sell the advertiser’s own products without using middlemen, and in this way, a reduction in total products will increase considerably. Fourth, it is also possible to sell the products of other businesses aside from one’s own by using affiliate programs. Commissions will be collected for each product sold, and this is done by directing online users to the site.

Here are several strategies to produce an effective Google Ads campaign, which will produce profits for advertisers in no time.

1. Come up with numerous keywords or keyword phrases that highly-targeted but costs less. It is vital since an advertiser pays for each click done on the keywords.

2. Create descriptions and advertisement headlines and test-run them to determine which of them is more effective. Here is a tip: the greatest benefit of a product or service should be mentioned in the headline and description.

3. The keyword-matching option available should be utilized to establish a better targeting of the ads.

4. Concentrate the designation of ad impressions to specific regions or countries as soon as customer data is produced.

5. Place a sign-up box for subscribers on the websites being promoted

6. Provide a Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language pop-up for the sites. Unknown to some, pop-ups are can be used on landing pages provided it does not result in opening up new windows.

7. Put strong words in the ads, the type that appeals to the five senses of a user. Avoid using verbs that are abstract and personal. For instance, use tell instead of inform, change instead of modify, want instead of desire.

8. Avoid assigning too many keywords in an ad group.

9. Establish a daily budget for the ads. It is best to allocate a small amount to be paid for each click the ad gets.

10. When writing the ads, make sure there is a rhythm to its flow. It arouses a better reaction from people.

11. Remove those ads that are not getting many clicks from users and constantly edit those that prove to be functional.


12. Manage and keep track of the campaigns religiously. An advertiser will get to know which of the keywords utilized generates the highest impressions and click-throughs.

Competition is truly tough nowadays, so advertisers should utilize all the channels available to them in order to get profits. Through Google Ads, they can bring expansion in their advertising campaigns and reap rewards from it.


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