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Sleep Apnea: Can It Kill You

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea, If you’re tired of waking up too soon or too often during the night, your doctor may recommend that you use a CPAP mask to help stop sleep apnea. This is another example of how technology can help provide you with better health, and in some cases, offer you options that weren’t available before.

Airway pressure is affected by many factors, including your weight, age, and even body temperature. For example, sleeping in a warm room could increase the airway’s size. When airways are opened due to sleep apnea, they become larger and cause more difficulty in breathing.


A more common cause of sleep apnea is diabetes. If blood sugar levels become too high, it will interfere with the ability to regulate the level of airflow to the lungs. You’ll also find that frequent urination can be a cause for alarm.

These are common causes, but not the only ones. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what the exact cause is. That’s why some research is needed in order to decide if the condition really sleeps apnea.

One example is the nasal polyps. Polyps are small tumors found in the area that connect the nose and mouth. Sometimes they grow larger and cause blockages to get in the way of breathing. Oftentimes, they are not cancerous, but simply a sign of other health problems that can affect breathing.

In most cases, these polyps are not a problem. However, if you have asthma, you may find that they are quite bothersome. Once again, research is needed to find out whether polyps are to blame for your issues.

Sleeping on your back can also cause a problem with sleep apnea. Sleeping on your side often causes sleep apnea to occur. When your mouth is on the side of your head instead of on the back, you tend to breathe in less deeply. When you sleep on your back, you don’t need to breathe as deeply, so there is less of a chance of needing a CPAP mask.

The position of your head can also affect the amount of pressure you need to breathe through. The cervical spine is important in the position of your head. When you lie on your back, the neck is unsupported, which puts a lot of stress on the cervical spine.

Some people are susceptible to snoring due to their lack of sleep, but another example is due to a poor quality CPAP mask. There are several models available, but some masks won’t work properly. When that happens, you’re unable to breathe properly or wake up too soon.

Another common reason that sleep apnea can occur is related to lack of exercise. When you sleep, you also build up fat in your body, which isn’t very good for your health. Exercise is essential to keeping your body healthy, especially since sleep affects your metabolism.

Sleep apnea is a problem that can be caused by a number of things. If you think it may be due to nasal polyps, nasal strips, or another type of problem, your doctor can determine exactly what’s causing it. Then you can take steps to stop it.

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