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The Essential Guide to Learn the Different Kinds of Coffee Bean

We love coffee in large quantities but are we giving it enough thought to keep it as a part of our daily ritual? When we drink a lot of coffee, do we remember that we are killing our coffee beans? How can we keep the world’s largest coffee producer in good health?

A kilo bean of coffee is actually a pound. A kilo is two thousand two hundred grams or a little over one pound. One kilo is equal to one million grams or about a hundred eight thousand five hundred pounds. This is an amazing amount of coffee beans and considering that this is a coffee ground we drink, a lot.


There are all kinds of coffee grounds and so much to choose from. I’m not talking about the kind you drink, but what’s going into the ground itself. The coffee bean, like any plant, is made up of lots of different parts.

One of these parts is the coffee beans which have been carefully chosen for their flavor. They are roasted for one or two hours and then ground. Coffee is a very labor-intensive process.

However, if you buy coffee beans that are too damaged and have a high acidity level you will ruin them. Coffee is always prepared with a lot of water to prevent oxidation of the beans. In most coffee-producing countries like America and England, the water is boiled before use.

Many people believe that the coffee bean is what makes the coffee special. This is partly true but so much is put into the production of a single cup of coffee that the beans are destroyed before they are used to make coffee. Think of it this way, what does this tell you about how special a cup of coffee really is?

Some people may disagree with me on this, but it is no accident that there are many different names for coffee. It is like a word that is difficult to pronounce, a word that is not so easy to say. As a result, there are so many different names for coffee that all have different tastes. Many other foods are named for the things that they taste like.

The bean that is roasted for the preparation of coffee is also known as Arabic. Arabica or Robusta beans are sometimes called Costa Rican coffee beans. Espresso coffee beans are used in espresso machines. There are other names for beans and the beans themselves aren’t named for their taste.

As mentioned above, coffee is a very important part of life. Coffee is the first thing people think of when you mention the word “lunch”, so it only makes sense that coffee is a very important part of the local economy.


Even when people aren’t drinking coffee, it still takes great care and expense to keep it in good condition. Any kind of damage done to coffee will cost money to fix and could damage the world’s largest coffee producer.

So, what is the best way to keep coffee alive and healthy for years to come? Not everyone drinks the same kind of coffee. It is better to have a variety and the best thing is to start with the fresh ground from your favorite coffee producer.

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