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The Essential Guide to Setting up A Daily Routine

Keeping a daily routine can be extremely helpful to a growing child. You must keep in mind that you are trying to get your child to remember that routine as they become more accustomed to life. The more you do it the easier it becomes for them to do and eventually you will find your child is able to accomplish the chore efficiently.

The first thing you should consider when you are trying to get your child to remember a routine is what tasks they must complete daily. If you have a child that must go to bed by a certain time, and they wake up early, you want to consider this task as part of their daily routine. Once you start their routine to make sure you do it consistently every day. This means once they get dressed, take a bath, and feed their dog you want to do it every day.


A young child is extremely mischievous and would like nothing better than to put a toy in their mouth and chew on it while you are not looking. When you go to remove the toy, or worse yet leave it out on the table that night, they have only one option, they will chew on it. However, if you remember to remove it when you go to bed, they will not have the opportunity to chew on it until the morning when you get up to go to work. They will be deprived of the pleasure of having the toy and won’t be able to finish off the toy by chewing on it.

A child must go to bed at the same time every night. Then they will wake up early each morning so you need to incorporate a way for them to remember that time, so they will not miss it. An alarm clock is an excellent choice for making sure that they don’t miss the cue and the sound of the alarm. As soon as they hear the alarm, they will think about going to bed and that will keep them awake and alert.

Next, there is the basic routine of waking up in the morning. One way to make sure they remember this is to place a plate of cereal or some other kind of breakfast food by their bed. That way, when they eat their breakfast they will think about the plate of food by their bed and therefore remember that morning routine.

Some children will prefer to be taken care of in another way than just being picked up. When you are driving in a vehicle without your child in the car, you need to be extra careful because you never know who may be watching them. So a good way to ensure your child’s safety is to try to use the seat belt when they are in the back seat with you.

Some children just don’t like to be touched at all. This is fine, but it can be distracting if you try to move the child too fast or carry them. Try to avoid any physical contact with your child and if you do try to carry them try to find a safe spot to do so, like a chair or just a chair between the front and back seats.

The next thing to consider when they start to remember their own daily routines is when they wake up each morning. Each child has their own schedule and therefore you want to make sure you can be with them at that very moment. If you cannot be there then you must use this time to plan your schedule so that you can take care of your child throughout the day.

If you have a child that wakes up every morning at the same time, just be sure to let them know this, so they can adjust their schedule accordingly. While it is certainly important to teach your child the time for waking up, the most important thing is for them to have an established time for waking up. If you aren’t consistent in ensuring this, your child will soon begin to believe that it is okay to wake up earlier.

When they are already in the routine of waking up at the same time each day and have been properly taught, you may be surprised how many parents enjoy this. Most children are used to being picked up at around the same time, but once you start setting up a more consistent routine it will become the norm for them. You can begin your routine by asking your child when they will be heading to bed and setting an appropriate bedtime for your child.

The more you learn about setting up a routine and ensuring it is consistent throughout your home, the easier it will be to keep up with the routine. It is going to be necessary in order to keep your child in good health.


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