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The Ultimate Guide to Learn how To Get Rid of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux affects almost every adult in some way, at least once in their life. But with its effects on the respiratory system, it is a condition that is very much preventable.

The process by which food gets into the digestive tract is the first step in digestion. This begins in the mouth where food is chewed. The first thing that is swallowed into the stomach is the rough end of the food (stomach acid) which is also known as “peristalsis”.

This process requires a small tube called the esophagus and the lower part of the stomach. The stomach acid will get into the esophagus where the valve allows it to go down into the stomach. Once it has gone through this valve, the acid will go back up to the mouth where the acid reflux process starts.

The valve at the top of the esophagus works like a lock which helps to keep acid from entering the esophagus when it opens. If there is a tear in the valve then a small amount of acid will enter the esophagus and cause a reflux.

Another cause of this problem is the change in the size of the lower esophageal sphincter during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the soft tissues in the area can change and the area becomes more permeable. Therefore, a large percentage of pregnant women are likely to have this problem.

A change in the position of the diaphragm can also cause acid reflux. When you sleep you relax the muscles in the diaphragm and if they are not used they relax again at night, forming a small uvula. When sleeping the diaphragm can move up towards the throat and cause a reflux.

People who lose weight or people who are overweight are likely to have problems with this condition. People who are middle-aged and who do not eat a lot of fatty foods are more prone to it.

Another cause is that individuals who exercise a lot, as in martial arts or gymnastics, are more likely to have this problem because of the muscular changes in the stomach. In addition to this, the muscles in the upper body which make use of the diaphragm are more likely to be affected.

If you have a problem with reflux, another big issue is not to go to bed while you are ill. If you get to bed early and then spend the rest of the night breathing through your mouth you will be more likely to get to sleep, rather than sleeping off the reflux you are suffering from. The throat may cough or spit up while you are sleeping, so do not allow it to happen.

It is a good idea to avoid eating too much salt if you have acid reflux. Also, if you eat a lot of spicy foods or particularly hot ones, try to avoid eating them, because they can increase your pain by increasing the level of acid in the stomach.

There are many things you can do for curing acid reflux. Do not forget the first step of avoiding all the food that causes acid reflux. You can learn how to stop this problem from affecting you.

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