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What Are Calakmul And Kohunlich

Calakmul is an incredible Mayan site and home to a protected biosphere reserve in the Southern Yucatán area. It is estimated that this city reached its peak between 600 and 800 AD. The area is filled with important ruins and extends not only through the southern corridor of the Yucatán, but also through Guatemala and Belize.

There is a magnificent main square in Calakmul, which was a magical space for ceremony and ritual. It is said that the square represents the primordial sea and the surrounding pyramids represent the sacred mountains of the Mayan Gods. The tallest pyramidal structure towers approximately 55 meters in height. This is a wonderful area to create your own ritual and ceremony.


Also, of great significance is the ball court. Here a battle of life and death played out between two men representing opposing Gods. The game was played similarly to soccer where one scored points with a rubber-like ball by shooting it into a hoop that was aligned sideways. This ceremony had great religious meaning for those who lived here.

In Kohunlich are ruins that were possibly built beginning in around 500 AD and then abandoned around 1100 AD. What is most interesting here are the stucco masks and the typical Rio Bec architecture style, which is the ornate design type that can be seen throughout the region.

While here, take the time to visit other wonderful sites such as Becan and Dzbanche. Each site has its own unusual features making it a unique experience. The beautiful part of these sites is the undisturbed nature of the reserve. You can see and hear howler monkeys, birds, and big cats. Last time I was there we witnessed a jaguar crossing our path. It was a very powerful experience.


The energy in this area is just delightful and so peaceful, like a part of time still lost and forgotten. Rancho Encantado is my favorite hotel, located on a lake outside of Chetumal. You can walk out your door and take a refreshing morning swim or have a Lomi-Lomi message upon your return from a long days trek.

I encourage you to visit this quiet part of the Mexican Yucatán and join us on a spiritual journey to the most magical part of the world.

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