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Why Snoring Causes Problems In Your Relationship

Many people have no idea what snoring is. If you are one of them, then you should do your best to find out about the subject. Snoring can cause sleepless nights and give you a bad relationship with your partner. So make sure that you learn about this problem before it gets out of hand.


What is snoring? It is a kind of breathing that occurs during sleep. The basic reason for snoring is the expansion of the tissue in the mouth and throat during sleep. This tissue has become loose and it gives way to the air in the nose.

You can eliminate this problem if you understand what causes sleepless nights and other related problems. You need to know about snoring for you to understand how to prevent snoring.

Snoring is actually caused by the obstruction of the passages in the oral cavity. This can be the result of nasal congestion. It can also be caused by the adenoids. The muscles around the nose and mouth sometimes tighten and restrict the passage of air. This leads to congestion of the tissues in the nasal and oral cavities.

Another reason for snoring is sinusitis. When there is inflammation or swelling of the sinuses, air may not get through easily. You may think that snoring is a result of sinusitis, but it is in fact the result of the muscles in the upper chest relaxing.

There are two simple types of snoring. The first type is caused by the lifting of the tongue and the soft palate. When the tongue and soft palate lift during sleep, they do not block the passage of air.

When these areas to relax, they also allow air to enter. Hence, they cause snoring.

The second type of snoring is the lifting of the tongue and the soft palate, which block the passage of air. When this happens, the lower jaw slips down and the tongue moves forward. You will experience snoring as you open your mouth wide while sleeping.

This usually happens in those who sleep on their back. It is also a common form of snoring in those who sleep on their sides.

Snoring can be treated using different methods. First, you should try to avoid foods that may cause snoring such as fatty foods and alcohol. As much as possible, you should avoid smoking too.

Snoring is a condition that you should take care of right away. You should visit your doctor to learn more about snoring.


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